KH Jewelry

I am Karina Heredia Heigl, a passionate, creative woman connected to my being. Born in Caracas, the capital of a beautiful country located in South America "Venezuela". Dentist by profession and artist by conviction.

Important changes in my life arose when I emigrated to the United States in 2010; one of them changing my profession to the art of goldsmithing and design. My creativity and my manual skill transformed a hobby into my accessories brand "Karina Heredia" ® and turned a circumstance into a wonderful opportunity.

I am currently the creative director of said firm. I design high-quality pieces, versatile, comfortable and most importantly full of senses and creativity. They all have a meaning which was created to achieve a beautiful connection with whoever wears them. My mission is to highlight the beauty of women and connect them through our accessories with their essence of life, their greatness and their self-love.